Jan. 27th, 2017

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the other day, i described to a friend how azila's neurological symptoms worsening over time despite the administration of high-dose medication and other aggressive treatments, and her overall condition continued to deteriorate.

friend: ... but the operating system needed to be reinstalled.

for the record, the post-separation syndrome included, in no particular order: minor seizures; hypersensitivity due to lowered sensory thresholds, which produced considerable pain; disequilibrium; what we call "brain zaps" - the sensation of a momentary contraction or blackout in the brain, or a constant electric charge causing a vibration strong enough to be disturbing, but insufficient for the field of vision to shake; spells of extreme dizziness where she had difficulty standing up and/or walking; double vision; little black dots dancing in front of her eyes, the sort we call "flies" in russian; tremor and convulsive movements in the fingers; severe migraines of the "circlet" or "helmet" variety, accompanied by nausea and extreme sensitivity to noises and light; the occasional major seizure; uneven pupil size in the more advanced stages.
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think of azila as similar to a vulcan. no, not a healthy one (as [personal profile] dreaming_brooke has noted, she is much more vulnerable) - but an unstable vulcan suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder, like tuvok in "endgame" or t'pol.

after re-assimilation, she may as well resemble an average healthy vulcan: reserved, dignified, without a trace of her former vulnerability.

(when i told my friend that i saw azila as projecting a strong vulcan vibe, the response was "surprise surprise")


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